The Grand tetons
 are waiting for you

Calling all the adventurous hearts and hopeless romantics! Grand Teton National Park isn't just a place on the map; it's an open invitation to make your love story part of the awe-inspiring landscape. Whether you're thinking of exchanging vows, capturing your engagement, or simply celebrating your love, this place has "picture-perfect" written all over it.


starting at $2,000

Eloping in a national park like Grand Teton is like having a VIP pass to nature's grandest show. You're not just getting married; you're doing it surrounded by untouched beauty. No need for fancy decorations – the mountains, the forests, and the lakes are your decorations. Plus, the intimacy and privacy that come with a national park elopement make the moment even more special.

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engagements & COUPLES

starting at $500

Maybe you're not ready to say "I do" just yet, but you're madly in love and want to capture that essence forever. A couples session in Grand Teton is all about the unscripted moments – the laughter, the stolen glances, the little gestures that define your bond. The park's varied landscapes offer a playground for your love story, from cozy forests to wide-open meadows, providing the perfect backdrop for your connection to shine.

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Unparalleled Scenery

Grand Teton is a masterpiece of nature. The awe-inspiring mountains and serene lakes create an atmosphere that's both intimate and grand, setting the stage for your love.

Intimacy Amplified

Eloping is about sharing your love in the most intimate way possible. Grand Teton offers seclusion and privacy amidst its vast expanse, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your connection.

Unforgettable Vows

Imagine exchanging vows against the backdrop of the Grand Tetons. The raw beauty and natural serenity of the park make every word you say feel even more profound, turning your vows into memories etched in the hearts of both you and your partner.

Minimalistic Elegance

Nature is the best decorator. With Grand Teton as your backdrop, you don't need elaborate decorations. The park's beauty adds a touch of minimalistic elegance that perfectly complements your love story.

 Adventure Awaits

If you're adventurers at heart, Grand Teton offers endless opportunities. From hiking to exploring the park's trails, your elopement can be a thrilling adventure that becomes a part of your love story.

Personalized Experience

Eloping in Grand Teton is about creating a day that's true to you. Whether you want to exchange vows by a lake, on a mountain peak, or in a quiet meadow, the park offers a variety of settings to match your style.

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"10/10 I would HIGHLY recommend Gabby!!"

Gabby was such a treat to work with right from the start. She is an exceptional photographer and an incredible person! Throughout our entire wedding experience, Gabby was there from start to finish. She is extremely kind, very professional, and such a bright person to be around. Not only did she capture the absolute BEST moments from our day, but she was also so patient and professional when working with our large family. Her work is beautiful, timely, and affordable. We are so grateful to have had Gabby as a part of our day. 10/10. I would HIGHLY recommend Gabby!!

- Michaela H

"Gabby is phenomenal! "

Gabby is phenomenal! She was our wedding photographer for a lake side wedding in Idaho. She was on time, professional, friendly and extremely flexible! We met before the wedding and talked a lot up until the wedding sharing ideas for what we wanted. A lot of our family members complimented her as well for her positive interactions and her ability to blend in to the perfect angles for her shots. She was willing to travel and open to ideas and our creativity and that was so important to us! Photos came back quick and her editing style is beautiful!! 10 out of 10!!!

- Jaelise P

"we would absolutely work with her again!!!"

We loved working with Gabby!! She went above and beyond to prepare for our shoot and they turned out amazing! Gabby makes sure you have the best experience ever when capturing those important moments. A few words I would use to describe our experience with Gabby would be: carefree, fun, and laid back. It was such a joy and we would absolutely work with her again!!! Hire her!

- Alyce N