I'm not your typical photographer...
I believe in capturing honest and authentic photos. Real stories, real emotion, real smiles. That's what I'm all about! 

Just some fun photos of my hubby and I on our honeymoon in Maui!

What to expect when you work with me...

+A Safe Space to be Yourselves

+A Good Time

+A New Friend

I always help by giving you plenty of direction and prompts, but once we get into the swing of things I also like to give you some space to soak up those special moments and really let loose.

Having your photos taken should be FUN!  I love music and bring my speaker to every photoshoot so be ready to tell me some of your favorite songs!

 I want us to be friends first. Which is why I take the time to really get to know you before we jump into things. We will spend time on the phone, I will have you fill out a personalized questionnaire, and my fav... meet up in person for a coffee or bite to eat before your session/big day!

& approach


My cute doggo Nali

I am what you would call a hybrid photographer, meaning I offer both digital and film photography. Film holds a special place in my heart because of it's intentionality and capability to evoke a true feeling of nostalgia.

Connection plays a huge role in what I do. Which is why I want to connect with you, your story, and where it will all take place! My mission is to capture it all exactly how it was.  Making it possible for you to re-live those special moments over & over. 

Now you know a little bit about me...

let's talk about you!

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