Intimate Winter Wedding in McCall Idaho | Idaho Wedding Photographer

December 31, 2021

Planning The Perfect Intimate Wedding

When Amara reached out to me about capturing her wedding it was a resounding YES from me! Soon after we met up to discuss her dream wedding over coffee. After her original venue fell through we tried our hardest to find a suitable replacement. After searching and not finding what she was looking for she decided an intimate cabin wedding close to Boise was the ticket! She even decided to switch from a spring wedding to a romantic snowy wedding. I’d say it all worked out perfectly. Their day was filled with everything and everyone they care for, and focused on what really matters… their love for one another.

Special Wedding Day Details

Amara and Sebastian’s wedding was one for the books. I loved how tailored it was to their personalities, and that it was oh so intimate. One of my favorite details was the sweet little gifts (pictured above) that they gave their kiddos. Watching their eyes light up with joy as them opened them was so sweet!

p.s. I’m a big fan of polaroids, especially on your wedding day! I always bring my trusty polaroid camera along to every session & wedding. This way you have something tangible to take home with you right after our time together. They also make for a super rad guest book. Simply leave a few polaroid cameras on your gift table next to your guest book and instruct your friends and family to snap some fun pics and leave a little note for you. I did this at my own wedding and it was so much to look through it after. Anyhooo back to the happy couple and their beautiful wedding story. These two were so full of love for one another it was absolutely magical getting to be a part of their day. I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing these photos.